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Archive 2

James Waterford
"My Baby Left Me"  Key of G Blues  
Back Track - Renzo Staiano

James Waterford

Underground Studio Jam

September 11, 2020

"Better Than This"

James Waterford

Underground Studio Jam

September 1, 2020

"Been So Long" 

Below is a video of a song that illustrates how a simple guitar chord or two with an amazing bass player can lead to a song.  Within this site there are some Jam Tracks for you to explore and apply your ability to improvise upon a simple musical element.   Lot's more in the pipeline.

I will be utilizing playlists to put together Jam Sessions so we can have some contact with each other, find places to play in public and get on with some music ... love hearing what you come up with.  - Jim Pfeuffer

"Can't Feel The Same"
The Logan Squares

James Waterford and Smokin' Joe Thomas

Click on the Haight Ashbury Button to find a playlist of music only jams with Smokin' Joe Thomas.  These are actually songs with lyrics and you will find those performed soon.  

Music can be written, recorded, listened to, performed ... in an infinite universe of sounds and structure.  When it's created through pure collaboration and the melding of minds and instincts it can become much larger than its singular parts.  A synergiy different styles that alone are OK but together they 

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