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Underground Studio Jam Tracks

"Not What It Seems" Featuring video layers from the amazing Liquid Light Labs


James Waterford Acoustic Jam

"Look Inside"

Look Inside

Look Inside

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Acoustic Underground Jam Tracks

"Logan Square"

Music + Video

by Jim Pfeuffer and Altered States

DJ Party at Chicago Underground

Video by Jim Pfeuffer

"Oh No"

"Can't Feel The Same"

 James Waterford and Joe Thomas

"Lake Street" Cornelius Boon and Ron Strojny March 2003

Over the past several years I've had the pleasure of doing some recording with Smokin' Joe Thomas who's a Chicago legend.  Joe plays bass and guitar especially digs World Music, Funk, Blues. Reggae and Ska.  Give him one chord and he can turn it into something right out of San Francisco in the late 1960's.  I'm calling this playlist below Haight Ashbury because that's where the action was in San Francisco during the summer of love.   - Jim Pfeuffer

Jam Tracks

Third Rail

"Everything is Dark"

Underground Video Jam  - "Nowhere to Go"

The Underground Studio - Video Jam

The Logan Squares "Alone" 

"Can't Feel The Same"

 James Waterford and Joe Thomas

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